Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Keys to Weightloss

1. DISCIPLINE - Everything starts here! If everyone would be able to master the concept of self-discipline, there could potentially be a lot less problematic situations in life. Discipline in eating, discipline in exercising, discipline in drinking, discipline in the classroom, discipline in controlling urges of any type, discipline in all phases in life would lead to a controlled, successfull individual! Self discipline can be a long, sometimes discouraging process and it requires a change from within. Turn away from your temptations (food, laziness, etc) and your body and soul will be changed for the good!

2. OBSESSION - Secondly, one needs to be literally obsessed about losing weight or whatever goal you have in mind. Don't be passive about what you want to do...tell the whole world about your newfound "passion," invite others to join you, don't be scared to eat healthy when everyone else orders a big steak and fries. Get involved in tracking your exercise and what you eat. Go out and buy running shoes, workout clothes, healthy food and put it to good use! Be obsessed about your healthy lifestyle! But be sure not to be annoying or overbearing about it or you might be losing friends. :)

3. INTELLIGENCE - The english philosophist Sir Frances Bacon (I know his name is oxymoronish for this subject) was the first to say "Knowledge is Power," which has been quoted time and time again. The lack of knowledge in our society or lack of caring has led to obesity rates into the 20 to 30% range in the majority of states. RESEARCH what you put into your body and the consequences that may come from careless splurging. Stay away from harmful substances. Be an example to family and friends and teach them what you have found out about health. Learn, learn, learn and teach, teach, teach. Study the health effects and diseases that may result from long periods of a sedentary lifestyle. Knowledge is power!

4. TEAMWORK - Realize there are many people that are just like you. Gather a support group of family and friends. There are many resources out there to help you. If you want to start running, find a friend and run together! You will much less likely miss a run because you are feeling "tired" or "unmotivated" if you know your partner is waiting and relying on you. If you are religious, establish a relationship with God. Praying about what you have done and what you are working on can give you added strength and someone else to account your work to. I find that spiritual worship can help you find peace of mind and a sense of what you are doing with your body is the correct thing to do. Losing weight and reaching your goals requires many phases of who you are emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. Thrive to master these phases and know you are part of a great team of trying to spread critical messages of healthy lifestyle choices throughout the world.

Put together these four principles lead to "DO IT." We can talk about losing weight and exercise all we want but unless something is actually accomplished, it is all one big waste of time. There are some who do not make new year's resolutions because they believe they do not work. However your true desires to accomplish your goals is what really matters. If you want to set and accomplish a goal; 1) discipline yourself, 2) excite yourself, 3) educate yourself and 4) find support. You can do anything you want to in your life, it just requires work and the right attitude! Good luck!